Project Specifications

General information

During the design of Poetica residential area, we used the latest architectural techniques, modern construction developments and energy efficient technologies.

Business class buildings have 20-25 floors, floor height — 3 meters.

Structural scheme of the house — a monolithic reinforced concrete frame.

All buildings have hinged ventilated facades insulated with basalt wool.

Panoramic windows give a feeling of lightness and space.

The apartment walls are made of ceramic blocks.

There are elevators made by well-known western brands in the entrances.

General information


Each section has 3 ThyssenKrupp high-speed elevators (TK Elevator).

ThyssenKrupp is one of the largest industrial concerns in Germany, which specializes in the production of elevators.

ThyssenKrupp elevators are actively used all over the world, in 67 countries.

ThyssenKrupp elevators are distinguished by its elegant appearance and high quality. The main emphasis in production is on high throughput and passenger safety.


Elevator without machine room.

ThyssenKrupp powerful high-speed and passenger-and-freight elevators have an integrated energy recovery system.

Automatic power control is provided: the speed of the elevator changes depending on the intensity of passenger traffic.

Carrying capacity — 13 passengers (or 1000 kg).

Speed — 2.0 m/s.

Direction indicator on each floor.

The cabs have a speech synthesizer for stop alerts and buttons with a tactile font (Braille).

ThyssenKrupp elevators — German quality and safety.



Window solutions are presented by the German brand REHAU.

The REHAU Euro-Design 70 and Euro-Design 60 profile systems fully complies with the requirements of the State Compensation Program for Thermal Modernization Measures, which ensures the optimal level of thermal insulation of your home and helps reduce heat loss in the room.

SunGuard Neutral 70 HT multifunctional glass with a coating that has a heat-saving and sun-protection function. Therefore, the owners of these windows can feel the coolness in summer and warmth in winter, even when near the window.

Swivel and folding fittings for MACO MULTI-MATIC windows are completed with elements of protection against breaking, has two options of special anticorrosive coverings and modern design.

The REHAU Linea Design window handle combines classic design and Secustik technology. The window decorated with such a handle has not only a refined look, but also provides the improved level of safety against breaking: the Secustik mechanism locks the handle at attempt of influence on it outside through the locking mechanism.


Engineering systems

The KERMI therm-x2 Profil radiator is the embodiment of the heating equipment of the future. This is achieved by adhering to high standards of German production in terms of quality and design. From high-quality material, perfect radiator cover to integrated valve group with factory setting of kv values.

In addition, each radiator is equipped with a unique energy-saving therm-x2 technology. The principle of therm-x2 is the sequential passage of the coolant through the panels of the Kermi radiator.

In part-load mode, the rear panel of the Kermi radiator acts as a "heat reflector" and the radiator does not overheat the wall while increasing the heat radiation from the front panel into the room.

Due to therm-x2 technology:

the time of heating of a radiator to 25% is reduced;

increases the intensity of radiation in the room by 100%;

the back panel acts as a "thermal screen";

energy savings up to 11%.

Engineering systems