------- 10.07.2020

We create POETICA technologically advanced: radiators and drainage systems

The Austrian company "Vogel & Noot" is one of the leading companies in Europe, which sets the direction and technical standards in the field of heating.

In the first Poetica collection, Vogel & Noot panel radiators will be installed, innovations in the field of heating have been embodied by this brand for many years.

Applying of the Oventrop thermal head will allow you to control the set temperature in the room by smoothly opening or closing the coolant into the radiator.

Vogel & Noot radiators are a combination of high technical and quality requirements, as well as perfect appearance.

For drainage systems in Poetica will be use socketless pipes and fittings of the French brand PAM-GLOBAL, which belong to the international industrial and commercial group SAINT - GOBAIN GROUP. The sewer system will be resistant to aggressive environments, corrosion, wear, dynamic loads and fire.

PAM-GLOBAL is undisputedly the best system in the field of sewerage and sanitation in the world.

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