Project Specifications

General information

General information

During the design of Poetica, we used new architectural techniques, modern construction developments and energy efficient technologies.

All houses have 28 floors:

  • ground floors — stylobate part of the complex,
  • 3rd-26th floors — one-level apartments,
  • 27-28th floors — two-level apartments.
  • The height of the floor is 2.7 meters (from floor to ceiling).

Structural scheme of the house — monolithic-frame. Apartment walls — red ceramic brick (250 mm).

The houses are insulated with mineral wool (150 mm) and have hinged ventilated facades made of porcelain tiles.

Poetica provides outlets for outdoor air conditioning units with the installation of special baskets that allow you to maintain the appearance of the object without compromising the design and aesthetics of the facades.



All sections are equipped with 3 high-speed elevators KONE N MonoSpace® — the Finnish leader that has been specializing in the production of elevators for over 100 years.

KONE is the only elevator company in the world included in the list of the 50 best innovations of world companies according to Forbes business magazine.


  • Elevator without machine room.
  • Smooth and silent operation.
  • Load capacity — 13 passengers (or 1,000 kg).
  • Speed — 2 m/s.
  • Direction indicator on each floor.

An audio notification of the elevator's arrival is built into the control panel.

KONE elevators are a guarantee of quality and safety.



Window solutions are presented by the German brand REHAU.

The REHAU Euro-Design 70 profile system fully complies with the requirements of the State Compensation Program for Thermal Modernization Measures, which ensures the optimal level of thermal insulation of your home and helps reduce heat loss in the room.

SunGuard Neutral 70 HT multifunctional glass with a coating that has a heat-saving and sun-protection function. Therefore, the owners of these windows can feel the coolness in summer and warmth in winter, even when near the window.

Swivel and folding fittings for MACO MULTI-MATIC windows are completed with elements of protection against breaking, has two options of special anticorrosive coverings and modern design.

The REHAU Linea Design window handle combines classic design and Secustik technology. The window decorated with such a handle has not only a refined look, but also provides the improved level of safety against breaking: the Secustik mechanism locks the handle at attempt of influence on it outside through the locking mechanism.

Engineering systems

Engineering systems

The Austrian company Vogel & Noot is one of the leading companies in Europe, which sets the direction and technical standards in the field of heating.

Poetica will be equipped with Vogel & Noot panel radiators - with this brand, heating innovations have been embodied for many years.

The use of the Oventrop thermal head will allow to control the set temperature in the room by means of smooth opening or closing of the heat carrier.

For drainage systems in Poetica will be used tubeless pipes and fittings of the French brand PAM-GLOBAL, owned by the international industrial and commercial group SAINT-GOBAIN GROUP. The sewer system will be resistant to aggressive environments, corrosion, wear, dynamic loads and fire.

PAM-GLOBAL is undoubtedly the best system in the field of sewerage and drainage worldwide.